Apps & Codes

Here you find links to my open source projects on GitHub and other platforms. Most of it is written in the Wolfram Language (Mathematica). In the future I will focus primarily on machine learning and Python, but I may publish some more of the work that I have done in the past.


Mathematica paclets

Here are some of my Mathematica paclets. The “Read More” buttons will take you to GitHub.

Polynomial Chaos

Mathematica package for generalized polynomial chaos. The PolynomialChaos Mathematica package provides various routines to work with generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) ...
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Mathematica package for SU(n) multiplets and Young tableaux. ...
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Computational document (CDF) collections

Here are some of my computational document (CDF) collections. You can view CDF files with the free CDF Player from Wolfram. The “Read More” buttons will take you to GitHub.

Interactive Calculus

I have created a few interactive documents for my students to illustrate the basic concepts of calculus. Feel free to ...
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My Q&A at Mathematica.StackExchange

I am occasionally active on the Mathematica Stack Exchange forum. Here are my top-rated questions and answers.

profile for JEM_Mosig at Mathematica Stack Exchange, Q&A for users of Wolfram Mathematica