Corona Tests and the Bayes Factor

A medical test does not give you the probability that you have a certain disease (such as Corona). Instead, it is evidence, which moves the odds of you having the disease up or down. I wrote a little app that helps you calculate how these odds change.

Seven Scientists

Seven scientists (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) with widely-differing experimental skills measure a quantity m. You expect some of them to do accurate work, and some of them to turn in wildly inaccurate answers. What is m and how reliable is each scientist?

Working at Rasa

Since June 2019 I am working as machine learning researcher at Rasa Technologies in Berlin. Here is a glimpse into my work life:

Self-Organizing Maps

Recently, I discovered this neat little algorithm called “self-organizing maps” that can be used to create a low-dimensional “map” (as in cartography) of high-dimensional data. The algorithm is very simple. Say you have a set of high-dimensional vectors and you want to represent them in an image, such that each …

Do all Snickers bars taste the same?

Last year, I noticed that Snickers bars seem to taste different in different countries, but I was not sure. So my partner Nellissa and I conducted a little experiment that involved a lot of chocolate and a little Bayesian statistics. We wanted to establish whether Snickers bars from different countries …