Thank you for visiting my personal website! I have recently completed my PhD in Mathematics (the graduation ceremony was in May) at the University of Otago with an exceptional thesis about the mathematical modelling of ocean wave / sea ice interaction. During my PhD I have also collaborated with Christian Fräßdorf at the Free University of Berlin – where I completed my BSc in Physics – on a project investigating electronic properties of graphene. Throughout my academic career I have worked on particle (hadron) physics, general relativity, and various other projects. Please refer to my Curriculum Vitae for more details. Currently, I am delving into machine learning and AI research; looking for jobs in Europe.


Interesting places on the web

The following websites I find very helpful, but I am in no way involved in their development and not responsible for their content.

Good reads

  • On rational thinking: Less Wrong
  • How to be effective in doing good: Effective Altruism
  • Distilled knowledge on machine learning on distill.pub
  • Some interesting philosophy: Sam Harris
  • A practical way to learn meditation: Headspace (I have meditated over 60 hours with this app and it really helps me to focus; I recommend the book Waking Up for a good introduction)

Some useful tools for researchers

  • Quickly find publisher copyright policies: SHERPA Romeo
  • List of official journal title abbreviations: Caltex library
  • Find LaTeX symbol macros by drawing them: Detexify